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Bird Darts Premium Tee Packs - Set of 10 Packs (180 Bamboo Tees)

Bird Darts Premium Tee Packs - Set of 10 Packs (180 Bamboo Tees)

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Pack Your Tees! Bird Darts Premium Tee Packs are the New Birds on the Box - a must-have for every golfer. Keenly crafted with vintage form & classic functionality, our Premium Tee Packs are equipped with 18 hardy yet stylish Bird Darts bamboo golf tees, featuring all the markings needed for consistent set up & cut at standard length.

The bamboo tees are built to last but so is the pack - reuse it to keep your bag and golf game organized. Each carton contains 10 Tee Packs and has a built-in display panel for an eye-catching point-of-sale presentation or an attractive addition to your golf locker or room. 

Furthermore, our commitment to protecting the environment and our courses extends across all aspects of the product - from the bamboo to the paint and packaging - everything is biodegradable or recyclable.  Embrace sustainability without compromising performance. 

Stock up on Bird Darts for yourself or surprise a golf buddy with the best new brand in golf. Then get out there and Swing Away!

  • Eye-catching vintage style packs built last so you can impress again and again
  • Hardy 2-¾” standard length Bamboo Tees styled to match the pack
  • Display panel built-in to the carton for attractive presentation at register or in your golf space
  • Course Conscious: Tees made of highly biodegradable bamboo and finished with water based paint. Recyclable packaging on Packs and Carton.
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Why buy a Bird Darts Premium Tee Pack?

Bird Darts Premium Tee Packs are the most stylish new golf product on the market! An order of 1 gets you 10 Premium Tee Packs of 18 elegant yet hardy 2-3/4”bamboo tees. We call this a carton. We are exploring other quantities to package Bird Darts in, but the 10-pack carton is our only offering right now.

What’s Premium about the tees?

Style, Functionality & Sustainability. With a timeless sleek design and golf centric branding, these stand out on any course. The pack has familiar functionality and bamboo provides more resilience than standard wood tees. Then to tap it in, everything about this product is biodegradable or reusable/recyclable.  Because we believe in leaving our courses better than we found them.

How do I display my Bird Darts Premium Tee Carton?

The green top of the Bird Darts Premium Tee Carton is designed to fold up and display at your point-of-sale or in your personal golf space. To do so, follow these 4 easy steps: 

  1. Use a razor or other fine cutting device to delicately cut along the 3 perforated edges on the top panel. 
  2. Lift the freed panel and remove one of the Premium Tee Packs.
  3. Fold the top panel at the 2 pre-creased edges on either side of the encircled Bird Darts Pack emblem and slip the panel vertically behind the last pack. There's another perforated cut around the emblem that should pop free easily by hand.  
  4. Reinsert the removed Premium Tee Pack & Swing Away!

For further instruction, click here.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! We're actively seeking partnerships with golf courses and retailers. Contact us at for pricing and terms.

Can I customize?

x Bird Darts is our CoBranding program that allows you to customize our product with your brand. Think logo balls but better. It’s a truly unique high-design, low cost souvenir or promotional item. MOQ is 555 packs. Visit the CoBrand page for more info or email us at to start your design!

Shipping & Returns

We've partnered with Amazon for all fulfillment and customer service needs. Amazon Prime members can enjoy shipping benefits when ordering Bird Darts Premium Tee Packs through our website or on Amazon.

If you ever have other questions or concerns that go unanswered, don’t hesitate to email us: